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Flipped classroom professional training via one book

Xavier Bordoy
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I bought ‘Flipping with Kirch’ by Crystal Kirch

On 25th August, I received the book “Flipping with Kirch. The Ups and Downs from inside my flipped classroom” by Crystal Kirch (Kirch 2016a). I bought after seeing Global Math Department conference by Crystal Kirch (Kirch 2016b). I recommend you. I’m on page 23 (of 215) but it’s very good written with direct and chick-to-chick style. She anticipates what you are thinking while you read the book. She insists that Flipped classrooms (Wikipedia 2016) are not just about students learning theory outside classrooms and making exercises at classrooms. It’s about switch between teacher-centric classroom to students-based time. It makes possible to have more time to support the thinking of your students than with direct instruction.

cover of the book
cover of the book
inside the book
inside the book

More thoughts about flipped classrooms….


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  1. It does not mean method of learning.

  2. It is not exclusive about Flipped classrooms. Other pedagogies show direct instruction is not working anymore.