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What will be my next assessment function

Xavier Bordoy
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This will be my next assessment function

The use of the arithmetic mean (Wikipedia 2016a) for assess people (in particular students results) is strongly used. But is it the best, or at least optimal, assessment function? What do I mean here? Perhaps we could assess students in diferent way, obtain a number (or letter (Wikipedia 2016b)) with different procedure. I’m not discussing here the fair of the assessment function (there are a lot of means (Wikipedia 2016c) there) but the didactic aspect of that.

This is my proposition: use additive function. If you have \(n\) marks, \(p_1, \ldots, p_n\), why instead of calculating arithmetic mean \(\overline{p}\) just add them up. This has a lot of advantages:

The only disavantage I know is that you have to be aware of how many test/activities students will get. Because otherwise you could not say “If you get 50 points, you will pass the course”. If students missed tests, then you/they have to re-escale (Wiktionary 2016) it (perhaps an excuse to talk about proportions ;).

By all these reasons, the additive function will be my next assessment function next course1


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  1. Right now I can’t modify the existing rules.